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Free, go at your own speed classes for anyone interested in learning digital scrapbooking


  1. A computer
  2. Scrapbook software, preferably Photoshop Elements as this is the program that will be used in the instructions
  3. Photographs
  4. Enthusiasm!

  1. Step by step instructions online & in PDF form to download to your computer. The instructions include scrapbooking techniques along with the basics of Photoshop Elements
  2. Four digital scrapbook kits that include everything you need to learn  the basics  of digital scrapbooking
  3. Support as you navigate the digital scrapbook waters for the first time

You'll receive an email with a link to the Studio Classroom. Paste the link into your address bar, use the password to enter, & begin your scrapbooking journey.  The room is available day & night allowing you to learn when you have available time.

Each week starting Monday,  you'll enter the classroom at your leisure, read the instructions online or download the PDF to your computer. You'll need to download a kit each week.  Each kit contains everything you need for the following week of scrapbooking lessons. 

The class room closes a few weeks after the last class & the lessons are no longer available.

Starting with a solid foundation, each week you'll build your scrapbook artistry. 

Week One: Welcome to the World of Digital Scrapbooking
Lessons to be Learned:
  1. Folders & Files
  2. Downloading Scrap Files
  3. Extracting Files
  4. Organizing Your Scrap Stash
Week Two: The Basics of Adobe Photoshop Elements 
Lessons to be Learned:
  1. A Quick Tour of Photoshop Elements
  2. Picture Ready: Cropping & Resizing
  3. Saving Memories
  4. Create Your First Layout with a Quick Page
Week Three: What am I supposed to do with all this stuff?
Lessons to be Learned:
  1. All About Backgrounds/Papers
  2. Make it Shine with Embellishments
  3. Say What You Mean: Using the Text Tool
  4. Create a scrapbook layout using your photo(s), background/paper, embellishments, & adding text
Week Four: Going Deeper with Layers
Lessons to be Learned:
  1. Create Dimension with Layers & Layer Styles
  2. Change it up with Texture
  3. The Magic of Blending Modes
  4. Create a digital scrapbook layout using all that you've learned so far: Add your photo, one or more papers, frame, embellishments, add texture, & blend it. 
Week Five: The Finer Points of Scrapbooking
Lessons to be Learned:
  1. Touching on Brushes
  2. Clip it...Clip it Good! (Clipping Masks)
  3. From Background to Clipping Mask: Create a photo story using everything you've learned in the past weeks. 
There are no classes available at this time, but when there are an image with a link will be provided. Just click on the image & you'll be directed to email. Just type in a quick message letting me know you're planning to join the class. 

You can learn more about digital scrapbooking by clicking on the faq page
I hope to see you in the Studio Classroom! 

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