Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Random Act of Kindness & No 25

Time tends to get away from us, especially when loved ones are near. I truly did not forget about Freebie No. 25, I stepped away from the cyber world & just let life happen. As the holidays & the year draw to a close let's make this last freebie something special.

The last freebie, No 25, is a charming little envelope. Just download, print on standard print paper, cut out, fold & glue. Easy-peasy. The envelope comes as a JPG & a PDF for adding text on the outside. The envelope size is not USP sendable, but it's created as a fun way to give a smile to a stranger. You can write a message of encouragement or inspiration on the inside of the envelope or on a separate piece of stationery. If you want, you could tuck inside a bit of money or some other surprise like a gift card to a coffee shop. Take your finished envelope into the world & let it go. Leave the envelope on a park bench, in an airport or train station, drop it as you walk along or place it on a windshield. This is a wonderful way to end the year & begin a new one.

Let's all get out there & perform a random act of kindness! Download the envelope HERE


R said...

Thank you for this pretty little envelope :)

Also, thank you for taking the time to create and share all these gifts with us. :) I appreciate the work you put into this.

I hope this new year of 2017 will be a WONDERFUL year for you and those you love. :)

Teresa O said...

What a lovely comment! Thank you for stopping by, downloading all the fun freebies & please, visit often! May you & yours have the best 2017!