Saturday, December 24, 2016

Freebie 23 & 24

This morning was so lovely.... sitting with my daughter & son sipping coffee & just talking. These are the morning I love. The day before Christmas is always so full of hustle & to wrap, a crown cake to make, people hurrying in various directions, & 2 more freebies to give to you!

Freebie 23 I hope you love these borders as much as I do. The three borders are all muslin needlework patterns from Ackermann's Repository 1828.  They're PNGs & just black & white so you can change up the color, paint them or do whatever you wish.

Freebie 23

Freebie 24  We can't end 25 days of Christmas Freebies without some word art giving a nod to the new year...2017! Only one is good just for this year. The other 2 can be used for any new year's invitation or party decor.

Download the Borders HERE

Freebie 24 
Download the Word Art HERE

You will find the final freebie here on Studio on the Corner  blog sometime late tomorrow afternoon or early evening. Postings may be sporadic until next year so that I can spend lots of time with my children & grandson.  I sincerely hope you enjoy each of the 25 freebies. It's not always been easy to come up with unique ideas & get them to you on time, but it was a challenge that I met with a smile.  

Have a beautiful Christmas Eve! 


R said...

Thank you for the boarders and the word art :)

Teresa O said...

You're very welcome!