Sunday, December 4, 2016

Freebie No. 4 CC Toppers

I am all about the circles this weekend! Today's freebie is a sheet of cupcake toppers with a candy cane sort of vibe.

There are 20 toppers with 5 various images & a definite retro feel.  Download the toppers HERE

Holiday cheer is everywhere you look including in Studio on the Corner. Just listed: The Vintage Kitchen Christmas Cookie Exchange party kit. Wow! that's a mouthful! There's a story behind this kit & I'm sharing it with you at a very tender time of year for so many reasons.

When my mom was about 11-12 years old she started piecing a Dresden plate quilt. The pieces were cut, a few were sewn, by hand, creating the scalloped circle. Three were all ready sewn on a block of muslin. At some point she put the project away & it would be many years later before she took out the colorful pieces again.

After the holiday trappings were put away, Mom would set up the quilting frames & happy hours were spent with my mom chatting & pushing the needle through the layers of fabric & batting to create a beautiful hand sewn pattern.  She made all of her children & most of her grandchildren a quilt. One day she gave me the beginnings of her Dresden plate quilt. I tucked them away planning to finish what she began as a child.

Between then & now, my mom passed on one snowy December day. As life does, things changed in so many ways & the tiny stitches of a little girl got lost for a while. Just a month or so ago I opened an old trunk that had sat in a shed. Inside, was the box that held the quilt pieces. It broke my heart to discover mice had made a home in the trunk. The fragile fabrics from the 1920s & early 30s were filthy, but salvageable. After a gentle repeat washing & drying the quilt pieces were clean & fresh.

Running my fingers of those tiny stitches, admiring the wonderful patterns, & thinking about my mom as a little girl brought me a sense of comfort. While I love old fabrics that speak to me of homey goodness, industrious women, & making something wonderful from ordinary, every day art these pieces of fabric are precious because they are the work of my mom.

There's no conceptual focus of colors or patterns, just a little girl's desire to make a quilt & I love that! The pattern that inspired me is the navy blue background with the white circles & red triangles.

This is the pattern that I created came from the above inspiration

Similar, but not the same.

I took this pattern & turned it into a printable, editable party kit with an invitation, table tents/place cards, tags, recipe cards & a sheet for cookie exchange rules.

This is why I love creating with old images, patterns, textures, & things time-worn. It's creating with a story & love.

As for the quilt pieces that my mom began, I am planning to start working on the quilt after the holidays, just like Mom did. I'll hand sew the scalloped Dresden circles on to muslin. When I see how  big it will be I'll decide what I'm creating... a quilt, a wall hanging or perhaps pillows. A winter project is a wonderful thing.

If you're interested you can find the cookie exchange party kit in Studio on the Corner Etsy Shop.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Freebie No. 3

Good Saturday afternoon!  Quick & quicker...just the freebie this cloudy day in December.

One sheet with 8 tags ready to be printed, cut, punched, & strung with a ribbon. You can also add text in Adobe Reader.  Download HERE

Have a wonderful day! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Freebie No.2

Good Morning to all! Well December 2nd has arrived in a dreary sort of way, but I kind of like cloudy days especially if accompanied by a few snowflakes drifting lazily down to earth. Snow gets me in the spirit. This is going to be short, sweet, & colorful.

First..... I want to suggest you create a special folder to keep all your Christmas goodies in. As you download, just save the files to that folder & so if you need a gift envelope or ,a piece of holiday stationery  you can put your hands on the perfect Christmas envelope file in a snap.

Freebie No.2 is a pack of 3 Christmas envelopes. Small, 5.5-inches x 3-inches, each one has a different image. Just look.....

These are perfect for giving to all those that deliver our mail, our newspapers, the wonderful hair get the picture. The little envelopes fit nicely in stockings, too. Just print, cut, fold, glue, tuck in a bit of money, tickets to a special event, a note or coupon. Anything small & fairly flat will slide right in. Formatted as JPGs on a standard sized print paper sheet & also in PDF form.
Download the zipped folder HERE

If you have a problem downloading the folder, let me know via comments or shoot me an email: thestudioonthecorner@gmail[dot]com. I'll do my best to help you out.

Have a wonderful day! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December No. 1

Ohhh yeah... the tree is up, the advent calendar bulges with goodies, Jingle Bells ring out from everywhere, & December is here! Because I'll be adding a Christmas goodie everyday, most of the posts will be short, we'll call it an economy of words. Today is one of those short post days.

Each year I receive Christmas letters from family & friends.  The letters are full of the happenings of the year. It's a great way to catch up, share, & let everyone know about life changes of all kinds. There are some funny letters out there & opinions on Christmas letters. Just 'google' & you'll bring up a plethora of words that will make you smile, if not belly-laugh. As for me, receiving a Christmas letter is a delight. I'm truly interested in knowing how other families are doing & what they've been up to this past year.

If you've never written a Christmas letter, why not try it this year? Today's freebie is Christmas stationery.

Three very different looks, but the silly Santa comes in three different ways: 1.) Aged, grunged, as is  2.) PNG format with no background, but the image is shades of red  3.) Just black image with no background or PNG. The plus of no background is less ink used & you choose the color of the paper to print on. In the image above I added the off white background for the red Santa header. The other 2 pieces of stationery, penguins & faded pine tree, are as is. And, by the way....all the stationery comes as PDFs so you can just load a piece into Adobe Reader, write your letter, print, & send!

Please use & enjoy the stationery any way you wish,. You can share the files with family & friends, but please do not sell or giveaway freebies on your blog or website. Thanks!

Download the Christmas Stationery No. 1 HERE


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Counting Down the Days

Welcome Wednesday & goodbye November. This is the last day of November 2016. I'm rather fond of November maybe because it's my birthday month, maybe because I like cooler weather, just maybe it's because of the colors, sights, sounds, & oh those lovely aromas. After all...who doesn't love the smell of spicy pumpkin pie & homemade breads baking in the oven? Time to leave the nostalgic look at November among the fallen leaves. December is peeking around the corner & ready to make a grand entrance. I kind of think of November as the side-lined, grand dame & December as the ingenue sparkling in rich velvets.

A year ago my computer had an epic melt-down. gone was so much of my work from over the past few years, but one thing I managed to save was an advent calendar. By the time a new computer perched on my farmhouse table, it was too late to finish the calendar. So finally, a year later .... it's complete. What began as charming continued with a stronger vintage feel. The one thing I knew I wanted to do was give this calendar & YOU options of all kinds. The 25 Days to Christmas Calendar is available in Studio on the Corner Etsy shop.

There are 25 numbered tags print-ready, but that's just the beginning.

What's this you ask?  These are the rest of the sheets. The little red bricks that look like a chimney are the pockets for tucking in treasures. Then there are tiny envelopes that holds tiny, folded stationery. Just write a message or create a coupon like treat. The heart notes do the same, except they look so sweet peeking from behind the pocket without an envelope. The envelopes, stationery, & hearts are all PDFs so just load them into Adobe Reader, add the text you want, print, cut, & tuck into a pocket.
Options galore: the stationery, envelopes, & hearts are PNGs, meaning no background. Choose a plain white paper or jazz it up with a cream, beige, or light color to continue the vintage look. Be creative, imaginative & have fun with the little details.

Once the tag is all put together now what?  Oh the places you could go! You can simply punch a hole in the top of each finished tag, thread a ribbon through, & hang it on a little tree. The treat of the day is removed but the tag remains to decorate the tree throughout the season.

How about using cork or foam board to attach the numbered days? You can find foam boards at artist stores, office stores, & big box stores. I picked up a 28-inch L x 22-inch W foam board. Cover your board in a holiday fabric, paint it, or simply wrap in paper like you would a package. Push pins attach the finished tags to the board. Tie a ribbon on each push pin & finish off with a little bow. How about adding a jingle bell to each tag using ribbon or baker's twine? Get super theme oriented with snowflake wrapping paper & a cut snowflakes pinned to the top of each tag.

One more way to bring it all together as a cohesive advent calendar is to punch a hole at the top of each tag & string on a ribbon, cord, or string like a banner. To put all 25 tags in one long row might be a bit much so why not make several rows? more & this is it.  Draw out a cotton rope & hang the tags using clothespins. You can find little ones that are so darn cute. You can find delightful clothespins on Etsy, at Michaels or make your own!

As I put my 25 Days to Christmas advent calendar together I discovered some bits that make the process faster.
1. Use a tiny brush to apply Elmer's glue in a narrow line along the sides & bottom edges of the pocket pieces.
2. Use Elmer's Glue. I tried a glue stick, but it just didn't hold & several pockets came loose when I began adding the treats.
3. The candy goodies! Think small...the size of Hershey miniatures, Dum-dums, or the small Spangler's candy canes. A couple quarters or a folded dollar inside the envelope is another fun little treasure.

If you purchase this fun kit from Studio on the Corner & have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or Etsy conversation.

This is the season of giving in so many ways. The promise to get the newsletter up & going again has failed over & over, so for the next 25 days you will find a freebie from Studio on the Corner right here on the blog. You might find a couple free papers, an invitation, or clipart to use in your own projects. These are from me to you with so much admiration & humble gratitude for reading, following, & purchasing my creations. YOU are valued & appreciated!

One of the freebies that you'll receive is something I am hoping you'll share! The holidays can be stressful, sometimes sad,  lonely or frustrating. My goal is that with this little something, something you'll send a loving message to a complete stranger. I know this all seems rather cryptic, but you'll learn more when the freebie is on Studio on the Corner blog.

Until another day.....take care my friends.